Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tank Clean? You Got To Be Joking Me

Recently we got our tank cleaned by some very nice girls not. We couldn't even see out. What a disaster - no wonder I've got such a headache. It took the girls a little while. I was pretty cross. I really hope there's not another tank clean for a little while. I'm just sick of going from tank and then into an ice cream container so often. I really don't like those girls.      

(Fish is speaking)


  1. I hope you were all Wright then and had enough water and the mean girls didn't hurt you.haha

  2. Awesome Fish and chips
    I like how you put in to a presentation
    Well done
    Keep swimming round in that tank

  3. I think you should let the boys clean the tank.
    As you said the girls are always doing half a job.
    You poor fish couldn't even see out.
    I hope you get a better tank clean in the future.

  4. I love the video it is very good. I am so exiting for another good post.

  5. Cool as video. Keep on doing the awesome posts.

  6. Wow Fish and Chips you guys make lovely posts :)