Wednesday, 2 April 2014

First new tank clean

"Hey Chips.  Are you happy our new tanks getting cleaned?" asked Fish.
"Sort of, but I really wish they did not today I was dreaming about  more fish it was so interesting," replied Fish.
"But let's get on they have put us in a ice cream container and taking photos with some sort of thing and silly videos and taking our stones away. Outrageous!" Chips complained .
"I just want to get out of this container," said Fish angrily.

New tank clean from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.


  1. You are writing very well as Fish and Chips, Matilda. Love the humour! Fish and Chips can be grumpy little things sometimes ;)

    Good video editing too!

  2. Great video. But who did it?

  3. I bet Fish and Chips are very happy in their new water. Did they do a little wiggly dance of delight when they got back into their tank?
    Great video.

  4. wow fish and chips nice new clean tank hope it sine's like new

  5. Fish and chips you are so lucky to have a caring class from your fan gisella

  6. Hey Fish and Chips.
    Your new tank is so cool. I always remember when it was cleaning time in 2012 and your guys part in E.B vs Tech-Head movie. Luv u guys.

  7. WOW that must be awesome for you guys and you are happy as can be

    from kelly room 6

  8. wow you must be good to have a tank fish@chips.

  9. That is cool. It is a great experients to have a clean tank isn't it?

  10. Wow awesome job.
    I like the new tank it is bigger then the other one.
    I love the post.
    Well done.
    Keep it up.
    thanks nikitah.