Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Long Time No post

Hello hello! Fans out there. We have not posted for a while but there has been a lot of work in our classroom and most of it is about space. Some of the facts are very interesting. Though swimming in a tank and doing posts is much easier than 7x9. We are right next to a tall table and basically, all we hear from it is talk, talk, talk. Mr M the teacher reads this story. I think it's called Wonder but I do not know. Anyway, it is a good read so far, much better than Spot the Dog. But when they disappear with it most Tuesdays, I wonder where they are taking it then they bring it back. When they read it in class, it seems like some part of the story is missing. There was this girl who was taking photos of us and I was enjoying it big time. I was posing big time. Check me out.
That is what the girl made.

Hey there peps, ignore Chips and listen and hear. I do not like photos and that is final. So if you take one of me your just going to get a flick of the tail. Chips must not pay attention because I taught him all his timetables. I do not have much to say today sadly. I have to agree with Chips that book Wonder is really good and when they take the books they go to the library and read it. Chips sure must have hearing problems.
Oh that girl, I will get her next time. Look what she created and sent to me.


  1. Wow awesome job.
    I like the text on it.
    Well done.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome writing of the sentences they are very funny!
    Keep it up Fish and Chips!

  3. I never new that you fish do not like photos