Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Guest Post from Crystal!

Describing Fish And Chips/Class Pets♥
Today I will be talking about Room 21's two class pets called Fish and Chips.

Fish and Chips are two great class pets I love the way that whenever I come to school I get to say hi. We also have four other pets that are axolotls we call them fanimals because they are half animals and half fish. But I'm here to talk about Fish and Chips so lets carry on.

Fish and Chips float around they are gold and have fins can you guess what they are? Of course they’re  *GOLD FISH*. The thing I like about Fish and Chips is that they’re always at  school so I get to see them everyday, apart from Sunday and Saturday which is the weekends.

Something like every two weeks someone always cleans their tank so it can be nice and clean for them to float around in.  Before  Mr M goes home after school he feeds the fish, sometimes other kids also feed them so we know that they are always fed.  


  1. Wow crystals that is an ~AMAZING~ story well done

  2. i like you story crystal keep up the great work :)